Seabird Group Seabird Group

Seabird 30 (2017)

ISSN 1757-5842


TYCHO ANKER-NILSSEN, MIKE P. HARRIS, ODDMUND KLEVEN AND MAGDALENE LANGSET 2017. Status, origin, and population level impacts of Atlantic Puffins killed in a mass mortality event in southwest Norway early 2016 Seabird 30: 1-14

MARK BOLTON, DANAË SHEEHAN, SUSANNAH E. BOLTON, JANE A. C. BOLTON AND JACK R. F. BOLTON 2017. Resurvey reveals arrested population growth of the largest UK colony of European Storm-petrels Hydrobates pelagicus, Mousa, Shetland Seabird 30: 15-30

MIKE P. HARRIS, MARK A. NEWELL, FRANCIS DAUNT AND SARAH WANLESS 2017. Monitoring the breeding success of Common Guillemots Uria aalge: the value of multiple plots Seabird 30: 31-38

KURT K. BURNHAM, JENNIFER L. BURNHAM, BRIDGER W. KONKEL1 AND JEFF A. JOHNSON 2017. Significant decline observed in Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea population in northwest Greenland Seabird 30: 39-50

NATALIE C. SINCLAIR, MIKE P. HARRIS, RUEDI G. NAGER, CHRIS D. B. LEAKEY AND ALEXANDRA M. C. ROBBINS 2017. Nocturnal colony attendance by Common Guillemots Uria aalge at colony in Shetland during the pre-breeding season Seabird 30: 51-62

MICHAEL C. SHEWRY AND STUART MURRAY 2017. A comparison of the analytical methods used in population studies of storm petrels and the implications for colony estimates Seabird 30: 63-70

STEFAN SCHOOMBIE AND JANINE SCHOOMBIE 2017. Pseudo-egg “fabrication” by Grey-headed Albatrosses Thalassarche chrysostoma on Marion Island Seabird 30: 71-74