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The Newsletter is published three times a year, containing articles from members and others on issues relating to seabird research and conservation.
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Our October 2020 Grant call is now open!

We will fund grants of up to £500 each for seabird research. The deadline to apply is 31st October. Details about the grants and the application process can be found on our grants page.

Additionally, grants to support seabird census projects for Seabirds Count, the UK national seabird census currently underway, are still available from the Seabird Group's census legacy fund. Check our grants page for more details. Census grant applications can be made at any time, there is no time deadline, but please apply as soon as possible, ready for 2021 (the final year of census surveying!). If you have any questions or need information about setting up a seabird census project for Seabirds Count, then please contact the Seabirds Count national coordinator, Daisy Burnell (, or the Seabird Group’s national census representative, Will Miles (

Postponement of the 15th International Seabird Group Conference until 2022

Due to the postponement of the World Seabird Conference (WSC3) in Tasmania to October 2021, the Seabird Group have taken the decision to delay the 15th International Seabird Group Conference. This was due to be held in Cork next year but will now take place in Autumn 2022. We recognise that this might be disappointing news but we want to support the World Seabird Union under what are very challenging times.

We are working with the local organisers in Cork and will let our members know the dates of the next conference via our newsletter and on the news section of our website.

Grants update

Recent grant calls have received a lot of interest. Here is a list of recipients of our research and census grants for the winter 2019 and spring 2020 calls.

Research Grants:

  • Natalie Isaksson for a project investigating habitat use of European shags at an operational tidal energy site during non-breeding
  • Daniel Johnston to monitor black guillemot foraging ecology in Orkney
  • Elizabeth Masden to study the movements and behvaiour of black guillemots in Caithness and Orkney
  • Sara Serafim Ratão to test raven-proof artificial seabird nests on Maio Island, Cabo Verde
  • Yvan Stage to measure mercury levels in the endangered Black-capped Petrel in the western north Atlantic
  • Danni Thompson to test a method to determine sex in European storm petrels from morphometrics

Census Grants:

  • Alex Banks to do a seabird count in south Devon
  • Katherine Booth Jones to do a seabird count on Sheep Island, Co. Antrim.
  • Rafe Dewar to do a seabird count on the Clyde Islands, Inverclyde, Renfrew regions
  • Jack Lucas to survey remote and inaccessible seabird colonies on Raasay and Rona
  • Nina O’Hanlon to do a seabird count of the Sutherland North Coast

We congratulate our grantees on their awards and wish them success with their project. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many have postponed fieldwork until 2021, which we fully support. Seabird Group members will be able to read reports of these projects in one or two years’ time in the Seabird Group newsletters.

Conditions permitting, our next call for applications will open in Autumn 2020 – stay tuned for details. In the meantime you can find more details on our Grants page.