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Katherine Booth Jones is a Senior Marine Ornithologist at the Scottish Government’s Marine Directorate. She has worked on a range of professional and volunteer seabird ecology projects in the UK and abroad since 2007, involving seabird monitoring, GLS/GPS tracking, diet, remote-sensing and molecular ecology. She has been a Seabird Group member for 10 years, and has volunteered for the ExComm in two other roles, as ECR rep in 2015, and Newsletter Editor (2018 – 2022). She hopes to support The Seabird Group in its mission to be a driving force for innovative seabird research and conservation in the Atlantic.

Katherine Booth Jones
Dr Ruth Dunn

Assistant Editor

Dr Ruth Dunn is a Research Associate at Lancaster University and Herriot-Watt University. Ruth researches seabird ecology, behaviour, and energetics. She is interested in the conservation biology of seabirds, as well as their ecological influence on the marine systems that they inhabit, both temperate and tropical.

Editorial Board

Dr Alex Bond is the Principal Curator and Curator in Charge of Birds at the Natural History Museum in Tring, and a Research Associate of the Environmental Research Institute at the University of the Highlands and Islands. His research focuses on pollution, island restoration and the effects of invasive species.

Dr Alex Bond
Dr Nina Dehnhard

Editorial Board

Dr Nina Dehnhard is a seabird ecologist with a particular interest in anthropogenic effects on the foraging ecology, population dynamics, physiology and phenology of seabirds. Nina has worked with both tropical and cold-temperate species and since 2019 has been part of the Norwegian Seabird Population Monitoring Programme SEAPOP ( and is responsible for the SEAPOP-keysite Sklinna.

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Professor Bob Montgomerie began his grown-up affair with seabirds in 1973 by surveying, for the Canadian Wildlife Service, the immense seabird colonies on the east coast of Newfoundland and on Prince Leopold Island in the Canadian High Arctic. He is a behavioural and evolutionary ecologist who has been involved with research on Least Auklets in the Bering Sea, on guillemots (murres) in the Arctic and UK, and both seabird eggs and Great Auks Pinguinus impennis in museums.

Professor Bob Montgomerie
Dr Gary Clewley

Editorial Board

Dr Gary Clewley is a Senior Research Ecologist at the British Trust for Ornithology, based in Scotland. His main interest in applied ecology is using high-quality evidence for decision making in wildlife management, especially where potential conflicts may occur. Gary has worked on numerous projects, including developing bio-logging methods to collect year-round data from large gulls to help inform renewable energy developments, aviation collision risk, and understand habitat use.

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Dr Maggie Watson is a Lecturer at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Maggie researches seabird parasites and behaviour. She is interested in taxonomy, the effects of parasites and conservation in the Laridae.

Dr Maggie Watson
Dr Joana M. Romero

Editorial Board

Dr Joana M. Romero is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). Joana’s research focuses on the foraging ecology and behaviour of marine predators, namely seabirds and pelagic fishes. She is most interested in the impacts of climate change and fisheries on this group, and in developing methods that will allow us to help inform stakeholders about the best management and conservation measures to take if we are to continue to exploit marine resources in a sustainable way.