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The Seabird Group produces an annual, colour journal Seabird, containing papers and short communications on seabird biology, conservation, identification, and status. The geographical focus of the journal is the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas, but general interest contributions are also welcome from other parts of the world. Please contact the editor if you are interested in submitting a paper and also see the Guidelines for contributors page for more information.

Atlantic Seabirds - now discontinued

Atlantic Seabirds was the official joint journal of the Seabird Group and Dutch Seabird Group (Nederlandse Zeevogelgroep, NZG). It was a continuance of their respective journals, Seabird (following no. 20, 1998) and Sula (following vol. 12 no. 4, 1998). Unfortunately, over the years, production of Atlantic Seabirds fell behind schedule. After discussion between the two groups and their members, it was decided to discontinue the joint publication, and the last issue of Atlantic Seabirds (Vol 8,3) was published in early 2008.

Marine Ornithology - a free online journal

In addition to its own journal, the Seabird Group supports the online journal Marine Ornithology, available at Marine Ornithology presents peer reviewed contributions concerning international seabird science and conservation.

Marine Ornithology is supported and published biannually through a partnership between global seabird societies including ourselves, the African Seabird Group, the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG), the Australasian Seabird Group, the Dutch Seabird Group, and the Japan Seabird Group